Shield your germs, not your style with Culture Kings’ face masks


Face masks are running the accessory game this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and worldwide streetwear brand Culture Kings is ensuring all Aussies are able to carve out their niche with its range of masks.

Part social responsibility, part keeping up with fashion, Culture Kings has launched over 200 face masks, bandana and face shield designs, ensuring Australians can both stay safe, while still showing their personality.

The Culture Kings range of face masks are ideal for protection from the winter cold, the summer heat while abiding government restrictions to promote health advantages. The range of face masks cater to variations of different types of need including extra filter options for more protection.

Some of the designs include the iconic ‘ANTI’ logo, anti-hazard, crystal tie dye and jungle camo or simply black or white.

For those who find masks too restrictive, there’s also bandanas and face shields, with a range of reusable, washable and disposable options for optimal hygiene.

Culture Kings is seeing early adoption of is its range of Snoods masks, which are tubular masks that sit on the nose, but cover the lower face and neck. These are versatile, street style masks that suit a hoodie.


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