Skullcandy headphones that you’ll never lose


Tile, smart location company, has partnered with Skullcandy, audio brand, to create a unique and user-friendly range of headphones, the Push Ultra, Indy Evo and Sesh Evo.

Each pair comes with a number of enhanced features including high-quality audio, extended battery life and the Tile finding technology.

Tile connects to the users’ device and when they mark it as ‘lost’, it activates its GPS signal, showing the user where it is. The Tile Network, which spans 195 countries, finds 90% of all items marked as lost in the Tile app.

Tile chief executive CJ Prober says the technology helps people manage life’s everyday disruptions: “Disappearing headphones can be very inconvenient and expensive,” he says.

“By expanding our partnership with Skullcandy to make their latest true wireless line-up findable, users can feel free and confident that their favourite pair of earbuds will be available when needed. Once activated, Tile users can ring their earbuds, see their location on a map or employ Tile’s global finding network to locate them.”

Skullcandy users also have access to additional Tile Premium features including extended Location History, making it easier for users to retrace their steps, and Smart Alerts, to prevent losing your earbuds in the first place.

“The launch of our newest True Wireless earbuds were designed to take this rapidly growing category to the next level,” Skullcandy chief executive Jason Hodell says.

“This expansion takes our best-selling products and enhances them based on the feedback we’ve received from customers including improvements in battery life, connectivity, comfort and fit. We have also added new technology features like wireless charging, solo bud use and Tile technology to truly offer an experience unlike any other on the market.”


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