Sobah pepperberry IPA: something a little different


I’ve never had the opportunity to try a non-alcoholic IPA and didn’t know what to expect. I wanted it to punch me in the face like every other IPA seemed to want to do, but this is more of a Glass Joe than a Mr. Dream for those out there privy to Punch Out!! references.

That’s not to say it didn’t taste like an IPA or taste bad, it was delicious but just taking a walk on the mild side. But of course, it’s non-alcoholic so what am I expecting?

The IPA is infused with fruit from the native pepperberry tree, naturally found in parts of southern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania which gives it an extra hot and spicy kick.

Can design, again, great! The dark red and orange match the flavour and colour of the drink. I’ve spoken on the can designs previously.

Unlike this drink’s pilsner cousin, I didn’t get as much head but that could’ve just been my can and that I didn’t have it in the fridge for long enough. Photos I’ve seen online head up well.

All-in-all, I’d crack it open if I was drinking only non-alcoholic beers and wanted to try something new however, I’m not and for now, I’ll stick to the other two Sobah beverages, much more in line with my liking.


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