Sobah Pilsner: a beer that tastes like real beer


The Pilsner is definitely my favourite of the offerings from Sobah simply because it tastes like great beer minus the alcohol. While I enjoyed the other kinds of drinks from Sobah, the lemon aspen pilsner has found itself a return customer.

Its light fruity flavours aren’t too overpowering and the actual flavour of the beer wins out. Based off the Czech pale ale, the fruity element is the local lemon aspen, found in Far North Queensland.

It also succeeds in places the other drinks have failed; it’s not overly sweet, doesn’t lose its bitterness and can also head up well.

In reading reviews elsewhere I can see that this drink divides the community, most people are either loving it or not at all. I’m happy to say I’m on the love side and would recommend this as your first go-to if trying the Sobah range.

Label/ can design is again a big winner as set out in my Cerveza review, but minus the aluminium element.


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