Standard, but a good standard


The Blackman’s Lager is just like the other lagers that craft breweries make: something that you can feed your boring friend who isn’t bold enough to try the weird and wacky flavours (read: Lemon Sorbet Sour).

However, I’m like those things stuck to the roof of your local Bunnings Warehouse – a big fan.

This lager has a little bit of everything while still being very tame on the taste. It’s a clean, crisp drink that appeals to your lager needs, but a little bit fruity. I was cracking one open with a friend of mine who thought it was a Furphy in a different can. While, I don’t think it’s as Furphy-ish as a Furphy, it’s definitely more down that pathway than a standard lager.

Good stuff guys, an ideal mid-strength lager that should keep everyone at the table happy.


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Sean Carroll

Since joining ManSpace magazine and thanks to the 'In the Drink' section, I've progressed from a strictly Carlton Draught/ VB drinker to a Carlton Draught/ VB drinker that occasionally tries some super weird fruity things. I think we can call that progress.

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