Stone & Wood has Christmas covered


Stone & Wood has Christmas covered for all the beer lovers out there with the new gift package available, made for beer lovers to enjoy this summer.

The presents available from Stone & Wood include a Summer Mixed carton, pub in a box and beer club memberships.

First up, the Summer Mixed carton comes with four mixed six-packs, containing two Pacific Ales, two Green Coast Lagers and two Cloud Catcher pale ale bottles in each six pack, ideal for beer lovers who want to try all that Stone & Wood has on offer. The carton comes out to $75.

The pub in a box is perfect with people spending more time at home. It comes with two Stone & Wood branded glasses, a bar man, a bag of tasty beer nuts and a Stone & Wood carton of choice. The full pub in a box is $99.

And finally, the beer club membership which, at just $15 a month, will send the receiver a welcome pack with a hat, glassware and beer as well as a delivery of the upcoming Counter Culture as well as limited and special releases six times a year.

Cut-off dates for pre-Christmas delivery are:

  • SA, WA, TAS and NT – order by Friday 4th December
  • Regional NSW, regional QLD and regional VIC – order by Thursday 10th December
  • Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Newcastle and Central Coast – order by Thursday 17th December

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