Sunburnt Country – Larrikin Gin by Kilderkin Distillery


The Sunburnt Country gin is one of the strangest I’ve ever tasted. It has very strong botanical flavours which you instantly taste, especially when having a few drinks alongside it, it’s like no other gin.

It’s bottled at 50.72% ABV which matches Australia’s highest temperature on record, recorded in 1960 at Oodnadatta, South Australia. Another ode to Australia is in the ingredients including roasted wattleseed, lemon myrtle, bush tomato, strawberry gum and Davidson’s plum among others that give it the sunburnt country name.

“With this gin there a sense of place, one that you can connect with. Running across hot sand to reach the water’s edge, letting the cold blue ocean waters slip between your toes,” Larrikin Gin’s Scott Wilson-Browne says.

“That soft hum of the dry, inland forest, walking between sparse ancient trees, seeking the shadiest places. Open plains, eroded landscapes and red sands – a beautiful, sunburnt country. This is a truly Aussie spirit that captures the spirit of Australia.”

I’d definitely head back to this one in a heartbeat however I’d stick to it neat or with a tonic, it’s too complex to throw in a cocktail or essentially dilute with other flavours.


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