Sunshine Sally looks like she always knows what she’s talking about and is way smarter than she’s letting on. She’s also a hecking great time on the session and is always up for a bushwalk, board game or game of backyard cricket.

All of that last passage has been shoved into this can of Your Mates IPA. It’s a very fruity/hoppy drink but not overpowering at all, just like the caricature Sally.

With zesty and citrusy flavours in an IPA, you’d think this would be one of those crazy ‘band, bang’ beers that are on a mission to destroy your tastebuds. But it’s not, it’s very palatable and if it wasn’t so strong (6% ABV), it might even been a session candidate. It’s not like the other IPAs I’ve tried that get a bit much after one or two.

Can design, harping back to the article I wrote on the Macca (LINK), I love the characters that each beer in the range features and Sally is no exception. She looks like the exact sort of person who drinks IPAs and I love the green and purple colours, spot on.

I wish more breweries tried to personify their beers, I feel like there is a lot of undiscovered comedy waiting to happen. Maybe some seasonal mates can rock up at Your Mates in the future?


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