Support men’s health every month (not just in Movember)


Men’s health organisation, Movember is launching a new campaign to give monthly, only setting you back the price of a couple of beers.

Now approaching its 18th year, the Aussie-led charity has traditionally encouraged supporters to don a hairy upper lip each November in support of men’s mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Now it’s taking the fight for men’s health year-round, and you don’t have to sacrifice your facial hair or change up your grooming routine to get involved.

Movember country director Rachel Carr says that while the mo wouldn’t be going anywhere, Movember – just like men’s health – was much more than just one month of the year.

“This is an all day, every day, year-round mission, she says.

“A monthly donation – the equivalent of just a few beers a month – will help to fund more life-changing mental health and suicide prevention projects, and more ground-breaking prostate and testicular cancer research, trials and treatments.

“We all have a brother, father, son, partner or friend that we want to have around for longer. By investing year-round in men’s health, Movember can do more to stop these men dying too young.

“In return, we all get more time, more connection, more moments, more memories with those men in our lives.”

Where the money goes:

  • Digital mental health tools including:
    • Movember Conversations, a free online ‘conversation simulator’ to kick start conversations with men who might be struggling
    • Family Man, a world-first, free online parenting program aimed at teaching dads how to improve their child’s behaviour, while improving parental mental health
  • Movember is also piloting Men in Mind, the world’s first training program for mental health professionals, in an effort to ensure all men and boys who reach out for support get the best possible treatment.

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