Takin’ it nice and easy


In the famous words of Frank: “The problem now of course is, to simply hold your horses, to rush would be a crime, ’cause nice and easy does it every time”.

I imagine that’s what’s going through the minds of BentSpoke Brewing Co as they made this mid-strength ale. “It keeps you hydrated and in low gear through summer,” according to the official website and boy does that sound… nice.

This zesty little number tastes great and I don’t know if it’s the surfing koala or the cork hats on the side of the can but it just oozes good vibes. This is exactly what I want to see in a middy ale, hats off.

If I had to pick the perfect drink to have while playing cricket, it’s the Easy for the following reasons:

  • Mid-strength/3.2% alcohol content keeps you light on your feet while out in the field
  • Completely removable lid ensures that you don’t need to tip your head all the way back for a danger sip, meaning you don’t need to take your eyes off the ball; and
  • As a middy, it’s naturally cheaper which makes for lower risk/reward simply for its price

It should be noted that I do not endorse drinking while batting. Just fielding.

As I said in the Barley Griffin review: I’ll see you again over Christmas.


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