The Broadside, The Sabre and The Cutlass by The West Winds Gin


We were lucky enough to try the three staples from The West Winds Gin and they didn’t disappoint; each giving their own distinctive flavour and aromas.

The Broadside has the strongest proof of the lot. At 58% this little bottle packs a punch and I love the term “navy strength” and the whole sea theme of The West Winds Gin range.

It literally incorporates filtered seawater which alongside Sea Parsley and Margaret River sea salt gives it a very distinct taste. At the very least, it clears your sinuses which I didn’t even know needed clearing before drinking.

The Cutlass has a more neutral and traditional taste. However, it has some very unique elements which set it apart including cinnamon myrtle and Australian bush tomato. To top off this gin perfectly, throw in a sliver of green capsicum or a cherry tomato (something I probably wouldn’t have thought of myself to be honest).

Finally, The Sabre, a very basic London Dry-style gin. But don’t let that take away from it; basic is not used in a negative way here.

They’ve hit the nail on the head with a basic gin that knows what to do with a tonic. Not only have they hit the nail, but they’ve hit it so hard it’s gone though the floor and kept on going. Pat yourselves on the back West Winds; you’ve gotten a repeat customer for each of these three specimens.


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