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Say what you will about the great country that is Australia, we definitely know how to brew a good beer whether that’s a craft, Aussie staple or something in between, we know our stuff.

Our friends at Last Man Standing (LMS) were nice enough to send a sample of what can only be described as the next great beer to come up from Down Under.

Proudly 100% Australian, the LMS lager is exactly as advertised; an easy drinking, familiar and fun flavour that I think you’d be hard pressed to turn down.

One complaint I’ve heard about the beer is that it’s nothing special which is fair enough when it seems anything gets thrown in the ferment at the moment (I’m looking at you 3 Ravens Vanilla Thicc shake Double IPA) but the LMS lager is much more crisp and not as heavy as some of the Japanese-owned “Aussie” beers we’re accustomed to. I’ll be picking this any day of the week.

Can design, my second favourite thing about beers after the beer. LMS do a great job on the design front, while I love “out there” designs which can sometimes emblazon the bottles and cans of beers now days, the LMS can is smart.

The company goes in detail on their website about the inspiration for design, but the ‘Last Man Standing’ pays homage to co-founder and Winter Olympic gold medalist Steven Bradbury’s final race where he won as said ‘last man standing’.

The logo features a tortoise and a hare, the classic fable where the slow and steady tortoise beat the upstart and quick hare, a metaphor for sticking with classic-tasting and beers that we know well and works.

And finally, the backdrop of the can has a repeating pattern of horseshoe and Omega icons, the latter being the last letter in the Greek alphabet. LMS writes on their website: “Intertwined with the Omega is a horseshoe, as a simple acknowledgement that to achieve your goals, or to be the Last Man Standing whatever your challenge may be, always takes a hint of good luck.”

Expect to see this beer alongside the standards in a bottle shop or pub near you (when safe and legal in light of the pandemic).


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