The Two-Fold has me in a man hold


Starward, Melbournian whisky distillers, were kind enough to send across a kit for their latest venture and this summer’s spin on the classic G & T: the Two-Fold whisky and tonic. Best of all, all it involves is a standard serving (30ml) of whisky, an iced glass, tonic water and preferably a garnish of pink grapefruit.

Paired out of the desire to bridge non-whisky drinkers into the wonderful world that it is, adding tonic is an interesting twist.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I was sceptical heading in and wasn’t sure how the two would mix. It’s weird to think that as two staples of a bar, I haven’t been presented with the opportunity to bring them together.

But I’ve put on my ‘In the Drink’ hat and say that this is a bona fide winner!

As mentioned in previous articles on ManSpace, when it comes to spirits, I’m a gin guy who doesn’t really venture further out. Creating a whisky and tonic using Starward’s Two-Fold whisky, aptly named the two-fold and tonic, was an incredible idea and has got me wondering what else I’ve been missing out on.

“There is no denying that gin has captured Australian’s hearts of late, but we want to prove that whisky can be just as drinkable from everyone from the beginner to the seasoned whisky drinker,” Starward founder David Vitale explains.

“Coming from one of the foodie capitals of the world, Two-Fold represents a landmark achievement for modern Australian whisky. It’s a whisky that can be consumed in the traditional neat serve, used to craft uncomplicated cocktails or highball serves to enjoy at the dinner table like Two-Fold and tonic.”

The drink tastes quite bitter, as to be expected, and the unique flavour of the Two-Fold isn’t masked by the tonic and best of all, it keeps you coming back for more. I’m not the only one coming back as well, according to Starward’s global brand ambassador Sacha Nourse: “Two-Fold tonic is one of the most requested drinks from the menu at the Port Melbourne Distillery.”

“It’s also a serve we recommend the most for those who are new to whisky, given its approachability and delicious taste profile.”

When neat or on the rocks, the Two-Fold is fruity and smooth with notes of vanilla and spices. I’ve heard it described as the “gateway whisky” and that assessment isn’t wrong, super easy to drink and it’s a must-have in any spirits cupboard.

The Fever-Tree Indian tonic water, a favourite among ManSpace reviews, pairs beautifully and hits the company mission statement to a tee: “If three-quarters of your drink is the mixer, mix with the best”.

Thanks to Starward for not only the whisky but also opening my eyes to this new pairing, something I’ll be exploring in the future. How does it work with other tonics, other kinds of whisky? Thank goodness I have the rest of summer to do my… research let’s say.


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