The West Winds Gin exclusive Christmas release


Christmas in Australia is hot and dry with most of the Christmas gins being sweetened post distillation with fruits or puddings, making them easily consumed straight or on the rocks.

The West Winds, West Australian distillers, has released their take on the Christmas gin, this one dry and mixed with lovely aromas to pair with a refreshing G&T on a hot summer’s day.

It’s inspired by the beautiful flowers of the native Western Australian Christmas tree, bringing together traditional spices associated with this time of year and incorporated into a dry gin base. Upfront orange citrus is followed by sweet spice notes from the allspice, clove, nutmeg and cardamom with Cinnamon Quill and Vanilla bean add sweetness and depth to the nose.

West Winds describe is as “rich and complex on the palate with layers of sweet spice”.

As said before, it’s ideal when served as a G&T with your favourite Christmas Garnish, Orange Peel, half a fresh cherry or try a slice of caramelised peach for something fancy.  Visit the West Winds website to see their list of Christmas Gin cocktails.


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