Tonic No. 8 by StrangeLove: tonic and bitter lemon had a love child


I love tonic water and when StrangeLove sent over a few bottles of its No. 8 tonic to try, I was super pumped. I couldn’t wait to try it with different gins but I had to focus as I almost drank the lot at work before I could take it home.

The Carlton-based soda company clearly know what’s up in terms of making drinks and I’m excited to get my hands on their bitter lemon as the tonic No. 8 is, in my opinion, a love child of tonic water and bitter lemon.

It’s described as an Indian tonic water with orange and lemon peel finished with a hint of juniper. It blends perfectly with more basic gins with either less complex flavours or more citrusy (looking at you finger lime gins).

I’ll definitely be heading back for some more mixers by StrangeLove in the future. I’ve always thought of tonic as a basic mixer, now I’m going to be looking at is as an ingredient because, well, it is.

Also, as is well documented in these drink reviews, I’m a sucker for packaging and aesthetics and this little bottle and its design smacks it out of the park for me, lovely stuff StrangeLove.


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