True to form bootliners


Being an avid fisher and outdoorsman means my car cops its fair share of abuse. There’s sand so ingrained in the carpets that even professionals flinch at when the car goes in for a clean.

Thankfully my boot is in better shape, largely thanks to my Pro-Form bootliner from our mates at FitMyCar.


Sand is no match for the Pro Form bootliner.

When I first bought my car, I ordered a bootliner from eBay. It was decent enough for the first few months, but eventually the surface peeled and one rogue fishing hook tore through it like butter. On top of that, it didn’t quite fill the space as well as the ad suggested.


Moving the likes of plants used to spells disaster for the car, and the clean up process.

Contrary to that, the Pro-Form moulds perfectly to the contours of the boot in my X-Trail. The high sides also

Whisky the golden nugget.

She’s a ball of cuteness now, but once she grows, the car is going to cop a whole bunch of fur, slobber and dirt.

ensure any spills are contained, making for an easy clean up once all is said and done. Speaking of which, cleaning is made simple thanks to the ease in which the bootliner can be taken out, hosed down and wiped dry before going back in to brave anything thrown at it.


Speaking of which, it’s up for a challenge with the latest edition to the household. She looks cute now, but the signs of terror are well and truly showing…



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