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One of the greatest joys of music (of which there are many) is the ability to take it with you wherever you go. It can be shared among friends or enjoyed purely as a means to escape from the daily grind. These simple pleasures are of course all the more enjoyable when top notch audio gear is available.

With the above in mind, Tivoli has developed the Tivoli Go collection, comprising of the Fonico and Andiamo, which it describes as perfect for adventures this summer.

Tivoli’s Fonico in-ear headphones are perfect for gym junkies, as quite simply, they stay snug, even during the most rigorous movements.

For the solo listener, the Fonico Bluetooth earbuds will more than amicably do the job of getting you through the roughest flight or toughest gym workout.

These wire-free earbuds won’t get tangled and offer 3.5 hours of listening pleasure. Add to that the benefits of the charging carry case and you can enjoy up to 14-hours as it provides three additional charge cycles. It’s a pretty neat carry case and can easily fit in your pocket or backpack. A blue LED light indicates the case’s battery level, and an LED light on each bud lights up when they’re charged. It takes less than an hour for the buds to recharge fully.

One problem I’ve faced with earbuds before is a flimsy fit and the fear of them falling out, especially when punching out a session on the treadmill. Thankfully these puppies come with three ear bud options and two hook configurations to ensure they stay on.

Speaking of a sesh on the treadmill, the Fonico is durable and IXP5 rated water and sweat-resistant, meaning these buds can even take a dip in the pool and still sound sweet.

For those with a penchant to share their taste of music, the Andiamo was built to travel and should be right up there with your toothbrush when considering your suitcase ‘must-haves’. With 20-hours of playtime and the ability to charge in approximately two hours, the minimalist speaker will produce quality dynamic sound for hours.

Looks just as good on the road as it does in a home.

The wireless Bluetooth allows for quick and simple pairing to your phone, tablet or computer to create high-quality sound. Once connected to your phone, you can adjust volume control via your phone’s music volume as the master control.

After cranking the speaker in the ManSpace office for a week, we’ve all taken a particular liking to the bass, which you can feel through the desk, even at low levels. The sound is crisp and clear and would make the perfect addition to any household.

Constructed of durable aluminum, the light-weight speaker not only sounds the part, but looks it too. The soft Italian leather that wraps around the middle of the speaker, extending into a strap for carrying, goes a long way to making it look more expensive than it actually is.

Let’s go!


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