Underground Spirits focus on hand sanitiser


Canberra-based distillers, Underground Spirits, will stop production of spirits and focus on hand sanitiser for frontline medical staff who are dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Last week we completely stopped production of our gin and vodka to dedicate our distillery 100% to the production of hand sanitiser,” Underground Spirits owner and head distiller Toby Angstmann says.

“We are working with the ACT Government and other organisations to ensure that frontline medical staff are serviced during this critical time as shortages are apparent. Our sanitiser is going to health carers who need it most including GPs, doctors, nurses, theatre staff, Emergency Services ACT and all health services.

“In the last week we have made and transported out over 5,600L. It is also going where it is needed most, including to Services Australia across the country.”

Toby also mentions that Underground Spirits is working around the clock with other ACT distillers, winemakers and brewers to respond to the community’s need for hand sanitiser.

Canberra District wineries have been supplying wine which is then distilled and turned into the 70% alcohol sanitiser – turning wine, spirits and beer into potentially life-saving hand sanitiser.

Toby has full support in the Government and its ability to distribute the hand sanitiser that Underground and many others are helping to create.

“We are all clever and industrious people with a desired and valued skill set and we all need to work together to get through this difficult time. We encourage everyone to adhere to the the social distancing and public health messages. We will get through this, this will end if we do it right,” Toby explains.

If you are part of a community group or organisation in need of medical-grade sanitiser that will benefit public safety, please send your request to ESAhandsanitiser@act.gov.au.


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