Underground Spirits unveil Australian National Botanic Gardens collaboration


Canberra-based Underground Spirits has partnered with the Australian National Botanic Gardens to create Ad Crescendum Native Gin. The gin was created using specifically foraged botanicals grown in the garden to celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.

Ad Crescendum, Latin for ‘to grow’ is a nod to the many precious plants and flowers grown in the garden including Banksia, Finger lime, Rainforest Aniseed, White Aspen and Yam Daisy. It will remain in the permanent line-up of Underground Spirits after the release.

“Last year, Underground Spirits and the Australian National Botanic Gardens agreed to work together to create a gin that was really something special,” Underground Spirits chief executive Claudia Roughley says.

She also revealed that Ad Crescendum has been a real family creation with her sister Kath Angstmann, and brother and head distiller Dr. Toby Angstmann.

“We were so privileged to be given access to truly wondrous botanicals. Toby took on the project with pleasure and has crafted something really extraordinary,” she says.

“The Gardens have 50 years of history – 50 years of growing, of researching, of sharing, of educating and protecting for the future. This special place that has been kept for 50 years in Canberra now sees a gin emerging, encapsulating and commemorating this very moment in time. This gin really does reflect the beauty of this country – and is even more special as we have watched our precious trees burn throughout the country in what was an extraordinarily tough summer for many.

“Being able to crack open precious seeds, leaves and bark that had been meticulously collected from the Gardens and then given into our care. To see the vivid colours of the leaves being extracted into fluid, then distilled to create pure clear flavours – then Toby weaving his alchemy to create a beautiful gin. This is something we can all be very proud of and that we know many will enjoy,” Claudia explains.

Ad Crescendum is a tactile and engaging gin with hints on the nose of the Australia backyard. It’s soft on the tongue and mellow with a mild sweetness like pear flesh.

Linking to the botanicals used, the Banksia gives a honey sweet nectar aroma with the White Aspen and yam Daisy topping it up with extra tropical flavours.

“We have a hugely diverse collection of native species in our living collection, with seeds and cuttings sourced from every corner of Australia. I couldn’t be prouder in celebrating the foundation of our institution, drawing on Australia’s rich plant heritage to create this special edition 50th Anniversary Gin,” Australian National Botanic Gardens horticulturalist Peter Feilen says.


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