Weber barbecues partners up with OzHarvest


Weber, Australian barbeque brand, has partnered with food rescue organisation OzHarvest to recreate an Australian icon – the sausage sizzle. Together, they’re inviting Aussies across the country to come in-store on the 9th of November to experience the new gourmet sausage sizzle and raise funds for 60,000 meals for people in need.

The two have partnered Laura Romeo, Weber’s first grill expert in the southern hemisphere with Travis Harvey, executive chef at OzHarvest who created a gourmet take of the classic Weber spiced lamb sausage.

“We’re making the sausage sizzle cool again. We’ve taken an old Aussie classic and given it a modern twist with Australian lamb. We have some of the best produce on our doorstep and we wanted to hero those contemporary Aussie flavours…. plus, we won’t tell you where to put the onions,” Laura says.

On top of the gourmet sausages in-store, Weber are hosting numerous masterclass sessions to help up your barbeque game right before summer.

“In addition to learning some serious barbeque skills, Weber will also show you how to use up your leftovers to create additional dishes, so no good food goes to waste,” Travis says.

You can buy the ‘feed for a fiver’ meal which gives you a gourmet lamb sausage, with incredible caramelised onion, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and fruit chutney flavours, on a Baker’s Delight soft roll with grated cheese, onion and a selection of Weber’s secret sauces crafted with ingredients straight from the barbecue.

All proceeds go to OzHarvest.

Masterclasses can be booked online for free on the Eventbrite and let you pick between ‘the ultimate charcoal roast chicken’, ‘how to master the perfect steak’ and ‘how to barbecue vegetables for the ultimate flavour’.

For each booking, Weber will donate two meals to vulnerable communities through OzHarvest.


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