White Rabbit Golden Sour Ale


A foray into the world of modern sours, this beer fills the space between quick kettle sours and long-term barrel souring.

The wort starts its journey with a three day lactic souring to build a bold acidity, before it returns to the brewhouse where the first layers of hop character are added in the kettle, whirlpool and hopback. After fermentation it is dry hopped and filtered to a bright golden appearance that belies its sour bite and fresh hop character.

The beer, in a nutshell, is a bright golden sour with a modern twist. Citrus and stone fruit hops layered across a light malt base make this crisp and refreshing with a clean zesty sour finish.

Style: American-Style Sour Ale

Target ABV: 4.7%

Malt Bill: Pale, Munich and Wheat

Hops: Pacifica, Rakau, Taiheke and dry hopped with Motueka

IBUs: 16

Colour: 10, it’s golden baby

Ferment: Lactic souring for 3 days then ferment in stainless conical

Filtered: Yes, fine filtration for bright appearance

Bottle conditioned: No

Pasteurised? No


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