White wine in the sun just got a whole lot better


Stoneleigh, a New Zealand-based winemaker, has launched a 100% organic and vegan certified Sauvignon Blanc. The sustainable drop is just another in a long list of wonderful NZ white wines and it has come right in time for the warmer weather.

Stoneleigh was kind enough to send ahead a bottle and it didn’t disappoint. It was a crisp, light sav that was light on the taste with notes of citrus and passionfruit.

But don’t just take my word for it, the Stoneleigh Organic Sauvignon Blanc is already scooping up international awards, including a Gold Medal (94 points) at the International Organic Wine Awards in October 2021 among others

“Our ethos is simple — nature knows best. From the stone-studded soils that ripen our grapes, combined with minimal intervention, we’re able to craft a wine with lifted aromatics and fresh, fruit-forward flavours,” Stoneleigh chief winemaker Jamie Marfell says.

“Powerfully aromatic and with punchy flavours of citrus and green herbs, this is a wine with big personality; it’s not only a wine that tastes excellent, but one we are exceptionally proud of.”

What’s great with the wine is that not only does it taste fine as all hell, but the winemaker has also taken steps towards making the brand more sustainable. The grapes used in the sav blanc were grown in living soil free of synthetic herbicides or pesticides, just nature’s own solutions.

So, when the time comes, and we’re all drinking white wine in the sun this Christmas as Tim Minchin once said, make sure you grab a bottle or two of the Stoneleigh Organic Sav Blanc


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