Wolf of the Willows’ new nitro beers coming out next week


Victorian-based craft brewery, Wolf of the Willows has announced that next week it will be releasing two new nitro beers: fan favourite The S’mores-Man toasted marshmallow nitro amber ale and the new Kanelbulle Swedish cinnamon bun nitro brown ale.

Wolf of the Willows teamed up with local artisan producer Mörk Chocolate, in collaboration with their artisan cake house Söt by Mörk, to create the two dessert brews which are available for pre-order now.

Organic Mörk Chocolate cacao nibs were blended into both beers to give them each that extra chocolaty goodness.

The Kanelbulle Swedish Cinnamon bun brew is swirling with organic Ceylon cinnamon and freshly ground cardamom layered with caramelised chocolate. It is traditionally consumed as part of ‘fika’ – the Swede’s daily ritual to take a break for a warming drink and a cinnamon bun and as the brewery describes it: “The Swedish Chef from the Muppets would make an excellent mess creating the Kanelbulle Swedish Cinnamon Bun in his kitchen ‘Bork Bork Bork!’”

On top of the previously mentioned flavours, the Kanelbulle has notes of vanilla pods, add in a bit of lactose and the buttery, pillowy brown ale is ready for your tastebuds. It will be available in 355ml tins and 30L kegs after its official delivery launch from 18 August in Victoria, right in time for the weekend. It will be available to all other states from 28 August.

Second on the list is the S’mores-man toasted marshmallow nitro amber ale which, inspired my s’mores, has biscuity malts and real marshmallows, vanilla bean and Mörk cacao nibs. It will be available at the same time as the Kanelbulle.


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