Wolf of the Willows packs a flavour punch with nitro ales


Victorian-based brewery, Wolf of the Willows, has released two nitro beers: the fan favourite ‘The S’mores-Man’ Toasted Marshmallow Nitro Amber Ale and a new release ‘Kanelbulle’ Swedish Cinnamon Bun Nitro Brown Ale. ManSpace magazine was lucky enough to try them shortly after release and they might be the most exciting release of the year.

The brewery paired with local artisan producer Mörk Chocolate, in collaboration with its artisan cake house Söt by Mörk, to create the two brews.

One of the more documented struggles that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic is the restrictions on restaurants, pubs and bars country-wide. While not as important as the health concerns, we’re all kinda missing going to bars and trying the new and exciting brews Australia has to offer. Wolf of the Willows brings that excitement to the home with this latest release, let’s get into it.

‘The S’mores Man’ Toasted Marshmallow Nitro Amber Ale

Boy was this a weird beer. I loved it.

Firstly, it’s odd when a beer tells you to shake it before opening. As per the instructions, I shook it and then poured it all out directly into a tall glass, encouraging as tall a head as possible.

For a canned beer, it produced a beautiful, foamy head which was awesome and then it literally tastes s’more-y. With real toasted marshmallows, vanilla bean and Mörk cacao nibs pairing with biscuity malts, this beer is strangely morish.

For such a bold flavour, it’s quite easy on the aftertaste and extremely enjoyable.

If anyone’s looking for a dessert beer, something different or quite frankly, a conversation starter – grab The S’mores Man. Available for order in 355ml cans and 30L kegs, visit the Wolf of the Willows website to order or find a nearby supplier.

‘Kanelbulle’ Swedish Cinnamon Bun Nitro Brown Ale

The new release from the brewery is my favourite of the two, a cinnamon bun nitro brown ale that’s just beautiful.

The cinnamon flavour, coming from Söt by Mörk’s kitchen, works wonders in an ale. The cinnamon bun it’s based off, the Kanelbulle boast hints of Ceylon cinnamon, freshly ground cardamom and caramelised chocolate, throw in the Mörk cacao nibs, vanilla bean and some lactose and here we are.

I hope to see more experimentation with cinnamon in the future because I think this one is incredible and is a must-try for any beer aficionados out there. It’s sweeter than The S’mores Man in my opinion and something I’ll be picking up again in the near future. Like the other brew, it’s available now in 355ml cans and 30L kegs.


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