WORX 20v Brushless Drill


WORX has developed a new range of brushless tools perfect for around the home and the job site. The WX292 20V Impact Driver is the perfect tool for almost any job, delivering unparalleled performance and ease of use.

The Brushless WX292 20V Impact Driver features a powerful torque output of 170Nm to meet almost every fastening application. A drill with serious power also requires serious grip. Thankfully the WX292 features a textured and rubberised anti-slip grip, meaning you won’t ever lose control of this mighty tool.

Impact drivers are built with a significant increase in torque and better control, meaning you are less likely to stipe screw heads and you can drive long screws with little effort. The drill truly is doing all the work and the impact action kicks in automatically when it’s needed. Don’t let its compact look fool you; the Impact Driver packs a punch!

The WX292 has been developed with a WORX’s 20V Lithium Powershare battery technology, which brings a longer run time, shorter charge time and higher working efficiency. It also allows battery sharing across the entire WORX 20v range.  An in-built LED lights has also been added to the end of the driver to allow for better sight in those dark areas. This light also has an in-built 20-second LED light delay after trigger has been released, means that you can double check that last screw you’ve just drilled in.

The entire ‘Brushless’ range comes with a fuel gauge battery pack indicator to remind you of battery status at any time and will only take an hour until you’re battery is fully charged and ready for action. The WX292 20V weighs in at a super-light 1.4kg, reducing operator fatigue even after extended use.

Other features include:

  • 3 year tool warranty
  • 5 year motor warranty for trade and 10 years for DIY
  • 1 year battery warranty
  • Up to 50% more run-time
  • 25% more power

About Brushless:

Brushless drills are a relatively new innovation in the world of cordless power tools. With a new motor design, the new Brushless range reduces friction caused by the internal brushes to provide 50% more run time and x10 longer motor life. The reduced friction also allows for more torque and power, as well as a more consistent performance, making it a truly ‘smart’ tool


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