Would you like some pepper with your drink sir?


Despite developing into a well-rounded veteran beer reviewer, as mentioned by ManSpace editor and supreme leader Justin Felix, I have never had the chance to try a saison until now.

It’s very interesting to say the least but I couldn’t get over the fact that it tastes like pepper. Maybe it was my problem for trying it alongside some other tamer beers, but it wasn’t my cup of tea (pint of beer, if you will).

Exit Brewing explain that it’s based off beers they grew to love in Belgium and are using White Labs Belgian II Saison yeast for this brew.

The pepper taste I get is from the peppery citrus on the nose and following this are very earthy flavours in straw, earthy breads and a bit of spiciness.

I hate to say I don’t like a beer but I’ll say that the saison is an acquired taste. It tastes like nothing I have ever had before but I don’t think I’ll be reaching out for any other saison any time soon.


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