Your Mates Larry


Everyone knows a Larry. He’s that mate who instantly makes you smile. He’s a summer-lovin’, party-shirt wearin’ kinda fella who gets along with everyone.

Your Mates has a pretty sweet way of naming their brews, giving each a persona, and slapping a caricature of a quintessential Aussie on the front.

In the case of Larry, you can’t help but get around him. His infectious personality gets the sesh started and nobody every wants him to leave. Kinda like this beer.

It’s a pale ale that packs tropical fruits in a very tame, yet delicious manner. It pours a solid frothy head and leaves your palette with a hint of citrus to ponder over before cracking the next one.

While I’m unashamedly more of an American pale than Australian pale kind-of-guy, I can’t deny that Your Mates have a good thing going here. And I’m obviously not the only one, given Larry jumped up 8 places in the GABS Hottest 100 of 2019 to a seriously impressive #5. Anyone who has a slight understanding of the Aussie craft beer market knows how damn hard it is to make the 100, let alone top 5, so kudos to these guys.

A seriously sessionable brew, like its namesake and persona, Larry is the beer you want to chill with all day long.

It’s complex enough to keep the craft heads buzzing without offending any of your old mates who can’t seem to look past a green, gold or maroon tinnie.

Larry. What a legend, hey.



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Name: Justin ‘hop tart’ Felix
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