A true banger from Little Creatures


If there’s one positive thing I’ll take out of 2020 it’s this Coconut Stout from Little Creatures. And I’m going to call it, but it’s my favourite beer of the year. While that’s a big call, given the opportunity to try so many different beers through this column, it’s well-deserved, given this one wasn’t sent out to me to review.

I love most things coconut flavoured, and I love stouts, so it just makes sense that I’d be into this.

While the coconut flavour is only very subtle, it’s everything else about this dark banger that I can’t get enough of.

Little Creatures developed the brew to be enjoyed during the cooler winter months, but I reckon it’s just as good during the warmer days thanks to its sessionable profile and delicious mix of vanilla, coconut and cocoa bean. While I’d take the brew out of the fridge to ‘warm’ up a little during the colder months, I’ve found it’s just as delicious icy cold during warmer days when the thirst for beer is just too strong to ignore.

Having recommended this one to a bunch of mates, the feedback thus far has only been resoundingly positive. And that’s from a number of friends who aren’t dark beer lovers like myself.

If you haven’t wrapped your gob around this banger yet, and you’re looking for something a little different, I can’t recommend this one enough.

So while lockdown has been hard here in Melbourne, this winner from Little Creatures has certainly made it a lot easier to bare.



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