Add a hop, skip and a craft to your Dan’s, BWS trip


Dan Murphy’s and BWS have added a new crop of craft beers to their shelves, all the way from hoppy IPAs to crisp ales.

Commercial and Pinnacle Beer and Cider category manager, Harriet Wischer says the new range has been brewed by some of Australia’s top breweries exclusively for Dan Murphy’s and BWS: “The range showcases the incredible talent and skill that goes into making a craft beer.  Special blends of hops, malts, delicious citrus and tropical fruits abound to make for an out-of-this-world taste spectrum that boldly goes where no beers have gone before.”

She adds that BWS and Dan Murphy’s craft beer sales have grown by more than twenty per cent in the last year as brewers continue to push the frontiers of flavour.

“We are seeing the exciting use of new hop varieties and brewing techniques that deliver an increasing broad spectrum of complexity and flavour to appeal to craft beer enthusiasts who are constantly on the lookout for their next flavour adventure,” Harriet says.

The team was kind enough to send over some samples to ManSpace magazine and we got to try what’s on tap (shelf) for these bottle shops.

Colossal Brewing Hopmosphere, West Coast IPA

Starting off with a hit, the West Coast IPA is a fruity, strong and hoppy brew that boasts hints of ripe apricot and soft citrus flavours. I’ll admit, this brew isn’t for everyone as it’s one of the stronger craft brews out there.

As the brewery writes: “The delicious, bright fruit explodes on the palate, sending your tastebuds on an intergalactic journey. The finish is clean and crisp like a sea breeze on mars.”

Colossal Brewing Mind Harvest, East Coast IPA

This hazy-lookin’ East Coast IPA was an extremely juicy counterpart to the Hopmosphere. Both coming from Colossal Brewing, the East Coast IPA has notes of mango and citrus-intense flavours as well as its signature dry hop taste.

Zytho Velvet Luxe Stout

ManSpace magazine has been a fan of Zytho Brewing in the past and we’ll be sure to get down to one of these bottle shops to try out this stout again.

Ideal for the winter months, this Velvet Luxe stout was exactly that, a velvety rich stout with aromas of coffee, chocolate, cream and raisin.

I couldn’t put it better than how the brewery describes it: Plush, lush and smoother than melted chocolate in a lycra jumpsuit, this latest addition to the popular Zytho range (a.k.a. ‘Zythophile’ – a lover of beer) is set to satisfy.”

Initial Brewing IPA

Coming in a bold silver can, this IPA from Initial Brewing has become my go-to when talking a friend into a new brew. It’s got all you need from your IPA plus subtle earthy and citrus notes with the classic IPA bitterness and a dry finish. As the brewery says, its specialty is letting the taste speak for itself.

Sail & Anchor Golden Ale

As opposed to the other more hoppy variants in this line up, the Sail & Anchor is an easy drinking, refreshing ale. Named after the Sail & Anchor pub in Freemantle, the beer is ideal for a beach sippin’ session (when the weather warms up).

With a light golden colour, it has pleasant fruity aromas, a subtle bitterness and refreshing citrus flavours. Deliciously sessionable, it’s best enjoyed by simply opening a bottle!


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