AudioQuest DragonFly Black and DragonFly Red introduce MQA rendering and Android optimisation


AudioQuest, which is distributed by Amber Technology, has announced Firmware 1.06, an upgrade to DragonFly’s architecture, which will deliver long-term support and, whenever possible, meaningful performance enhancements.

Firmware 1.06 will provide DragonFly Black and Red with the ability to render Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) files if used with an MQA-approved playback application, such as Tidal or Audirvana (with more to come).

Existing DragonFly Black and Red customers only need to download the free Desktop Device Manager Application to upgrade their devices to Firmware 1.06, while the public will be able to access the Desktop Device Manager when Firmware 1.06 is released.

In addition to support for MQA playback, Firmware 1.06 also includes optimisation for Android devices and Android devices that run Jelly Bean operating system (4.1 or newer) now support USB audio output. This means Android users will be able to successfully partner DragonFly with their devices to enjoy cleaner and clearer sound at all volume levels.

While some Android users may find that they are still unable to access the full range of their Android device’s volume control, AudioQuest has assured customers that DragonFly meets all of the specifications and requirements for audio over USB. However, there are hardware manufacturers that do not completely adhere to the USB audio class specification and in these situations the Android device might output too little volume when used with DragonFly.

Instructions for installing the application are on page 19 of the DragonFly Flight Manual and can also be found at


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