Big Drop wins World’s Best for the second time at the World Beer Awards


Big Drop Brewing Co., alcohol-free craft beer brewer, has taken home the World’s Best award at the World Beer Awards, a first for alcohol-free beer. The 0.5% abv beer came out on top in the pale beer below 2.5% category, just as it did three years ago.

“It really feels as if alcohol-free beer has finally reached maturity when the world’s top judges give it higher marks than it’s full-strength cousins in blind-tastings,” Big Drop chief executive and founder Rob Fink says.

“No wonder it’s flying off the shelves! We’re very honoured to be the vanguard of the category and will continue to push the boundaries, both technically and geographically.”

It wasn’t the only one of Big Drop’s beers to win a world’s best as its Galactic Milk Stout was judged favourite in the flavoured low alcohol category as well.

That brings a total of four World’s Best titles in the competition so far for a brewer that only came into existence four years ago. Big Drop’s World’s Bests:

  • Pine Trail Pale Ale: 2020 & 2017 World’s Best Pale Beer (Low Strength);
  • Galactic Milk Stout: 2020 World’s Best Flavoured Beer (Low Strength);
  • WoodCutter Brown Ale: 2019 World’s Best Dark Beer (Low Strength);

“With the ever-increasing demand for low alcohol products, especially in younger consumers, it’s great to see that the quality now on offer is outstanding. Over the past years, Big Drop has shown that low alcohol doesn’t mean less flavour and is as good (if not better) than the standard alcohol beers,” World Beer Awards awards director Anita Ujszaszi adds.


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