Dear all self-proclaimed barbeque masters, check this out


Victor Churchill and Vic’s Meat head butcher, Darren O’Rourke steps in to give some hot tips for all those self-proclaimed barbeque masters right before summer starts up.

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Especially when it comes to the art of the grill,” Darren says.

“To savour time socialising with guests out on the patio, I make sure I sort the salads and sides inside and assemble all the tools around the barbeque, so there’s no popping in and out of the kitchen.”

Depending on your meat line up, different steps come before the thrill of the grill. For trimming and separating succulent meats like ribs, you’ll need a precision blade so things don’t get messy.

Darren uses a Victorinox Boning Knife for precision, “the curve and sharpness of the Swiss blade cuts to the chase, ensuring the best quality and preservation of your meat,” he says.

While it’s great fun to experiment with different meats, testing out different grill settings and temperatures, Darren makes sure to let you know it’s a cardinal sin to puncture your meat.

“Putting holes in your meat is like popping a blow up pool… All the fun spills out! When rotating and lifting produce, I use a long and sturdy Victorinox spatula or the side of a barbeque fork. This ensures all the moisture and juices are kept inside the meat safely,” he says.

Resisting the urge to meddle with your food in the name of hunger is never a good idea and can make you do some crazy things.

“Believe it or not, pushing down on the patty while they’re grilling does not speed up the process. If you resist this urge, you’ll be blessed with a much tastier and juicier burger,” Darren reveals.

However, you can slide right under a juicy burger when it is ready with the Victorinox spatula.

With everyone’s plates clean and bellies full, it’s time to dust off the apron, kick back and claim the title as King of the Grill.


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