Debriefs launches ‘better well-being’ underwear range for men


Debriefs launched a new range of men’s luxury MicroModal underwear that focuses on improving the lives and well-being of men around Australia. The range consists of trunks, boxer briefs and multipacks.

MicroModal fabric offers a softer, more breathable and more sustainable solution to cotton. Extracted from Beechwood trees in Austria, the fabric is three times softer and 50% more absorbent.

“We’re very excited! We’ve spent a lot of time perfecting our product and fixing the mistakes mass-market brands created so we’re confident men will enjoy better well-being with Debriefs,” Debriefs founder Will Thomas says.

“The response so far has been extremely positive so we couldn’t be happier.”

Debriefs has show its concern for mental health in Australian men. It does this through better and more comfortable underwear as well as inclusion within the Debriefs community. The brand provides a way for men to feel better and make fewer decisions a day.


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