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Yes Way Rosé has just landed in Australia, set up by best friends Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir. It started off as an Instagram account between the two in 2013 and it has now evolved into its own French Rosé label that is now one of the top-selling bottles in America.

Yes Way Rosé was kind enough to send ahead a bottle of their signature drop to ManSpace magazine and it didn’t disappoint.

It’s one of the better rosés I’ve had and it’s a testament to the process that Erica and Nikki have instilled with the company. The team collaborates with expert winemakers in the South of France to bring the very best rosé to your table, couch, park, wherever.

Every detail is carefully considered from the grape selection and blend to the bottle sourcing and beyond, so you can always feel good about saying Yes Way.

Something else I loved about the rosé was that it’s made to work well both standalone and in a bevvy of cocktails. The full list of cocktails can be found here but my personal favourite is Jingle Juice, a mix of rosé, vodka, cranberry juice, orange juice and apple cider. The cocktails are all ideal for the hot summer ahead.

South of France with every sip.

Dry with a fresh bouquet of strawberry, citrus and white peach, ‘Yes Way Rosé’ is an easy-drinking wine in classic French Provençal style – guaranteed to bring the parté to any social occasion.

“Whether it’s mid-week drinks on your deck, or having fun with friends, when you pour a glass of ‘Yes Way Rosé’, you can enjoy a drop of French sunshine with every sip. Pair with barbecues, seafood, Mediterranean dishes and plenty of cheese with friends and familé!” Nikki says.

Erica adds: “Yes Way is a quality rosé that doesn’t take itself too seriously which we think has contributed to its popularity. This includes our ‘Yes Way Rosé’ clothing and accessories – it’s really become a ‘Yes Way’ of life. We are really thrilled to now be launching in Australia through this exciting partnership with Dan Murphy’s – it’s the next exciting stage of our adventure.”


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