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It may blow some people’s minds as to why someone would drive towards a tornado but if you are a weather fanatic, an adrenaline junkie and slightly crazy then going storm chasing could be the trip of a life time.

Storm chasing originated in 1956 when David Hoadley, the first ever recognised storm chaser, began systematically using data from area weather offices and airports to locate and pursuit North Dakota storm fronts. Popularised by the 1996 movie ‘Twister’ storm chasing now has a niche following, most popular through the Great Plains of the US.

There are obviously some inherent risks when driving towards a 15km high, 4km wide, tornado spinning ferociously at 50km/h but for storm chasers that is half the fun.

When you watch this video, if your immediate reaction is to drive towards these beasts and not away from them, then storm chasing could be for you.


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