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I was never a big believe in this healthy, clean living type of stuff… until I hit 30 and came to the realisation that my body no longer worked the way it once did. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ no longer rings true unfortunately so upkeep is an essential.

A change of diet was called for, regular exercise became a necessity rather than occasional (do I have to?) luxury and a closer look at supplements started to sound like a good idea.

I refused to load up on synthetic rubbish though. If I was going to start taking supplements, they needed to be natural which is how I stumbled across Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood for men.

A quick glance at the ingredient list revealed a whole raft of goodness that I needed in my life including spirulina, acai berries, kale, alfalfa, chia seeds, ginger root and celery seeds, to name a few and that’s when I knew this was a good a start as any.

Knowing all too well I wouldn’t be able to ingest all these goodies any other way – not even with my Nutri Bullet – I figured Activated Nutrients was worth a shot. I’ve been taking the stuff for a couple of weeks now and while it doesn’t taste amazing, it certainly isn’t horrible. And that for me is a big plus, because raw foods can often be a little repulsive if we’re honest. I find the quicker you get it down your gob, the better, and I like to have my serve after breakfast, before my morning coffee.

Activated Nutrients Daily Superfood uses  59 all-natural plant and herbal ingredients in the men’s formula and claims to deliver the most beneficial mix of pre and probiotics, herbs, red and green super foods, digestive enzymes and non-synthetic vitamins.

While I’m in no position to back up those claims, a couple of things I have definitely noticed is a boost of energy, particularly when going straight from work to soccer training, as well as staying regular – yep, I said it.

With a commitment to creating a product that is based on evidence rather than market trends, Activated Nutrients takes an honest approach to product development, with Daily Superfood formulated by a former CSIRO scientist and doctor, and former Dieticians Association of Australia Dietician and Nutritionist.

If you’re looking for a multi vitamin minus all of the synthetic fillers, this might just be the trick.

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