Hawkers turns six, releases an old classic


‘B’ is for beerthday! Hawkers craft brewery is turning six-years-old and is bringing back its original recipe pale ale for a limited time only.

The beloved original Pale Ale that kicked off the brewery is back and better than ever. As Hawkers writes in a statement: “Honestly, sipping on a cold frothy pint of this Pale is like catching up with an old friend after years apart like no time has even passed.”

Back in February of 2015, the first keg off the filling line quite literally went directly to Carwyn Cellars, Melbourne for immediate tapping. In the interest of old times’ sake, Hawkers is doing it again. Carwyn Cellars will be cracking the first keg at 4pm—there will be Hawkers crew, there will be laughter, there will be joy and most importantly, there will be Pale Ale (amongst a heavy hitting lineup of other Hawkers core and limited release brews, naturally).

The Original Pale Ale is now ready for purchase from the online store and cellar door, in sleek black 440ml tinnies.

As said before, it’s the exact original recipe Pale Ale—hop forward, balanced and above all, deliciously nostalgic. Cheers to you for all your support over the years.


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