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Given we’re spending so much time at home during this uncertain time, it makes sense to want your space looking spick and span. After all, we all know that a clean living environment contributes to happier and more productive inhabitants, but let’s face it, we either don’t have time or more often than not, we don’t have the energy.

With so many rooms and appliances to clean, and a strong desire to do literally anything else with your time, why not get gadgets to do it for you?

Here are a few options from iRobot that will get your humble abode looking photoshoot worthy in no time:

Roomba i Series

The Roomba i7 robot vacuum uses a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Rubber Brushes for a powerful clean, and is guided by Imprint Smart Mapping technology that learns and maps to determine the best way to clean.

Roomba 900 Series

The Wi-Fi Connected Roomba 960 robot vacuum delivers 5X the air power* and multi-room coverage. Control and customise cleaning on the go with the iRobot HOME App.

Roomba e Series

The Roomba e5 robot vacuum uses Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes and Power-Lifting suction to remove everything from fine dust to large debris. Responsive navigation and Dirt Detect technology provide intelligent guidance — for a clean home, every day.

Roomba 600 Series

The Wi-Fi Connected Roomba 690 & 670 robot vacuum uses a 3-Stage Cleaning System with Dual Multi-Surface Brushes to help thoroughly clean your floors.

The Roomba 606 robot vacuum uses a 3-Stage Cleaning System and with Dual Multi-Surface Brushes to help thoroughly clean your floors.

Braava Mops

m Series

The Wi-Fi connected Braava jet m6 robot mop helps tackle sticky messes, grime,* and kitchen grease throughout your entire home. Attach a mopping or sweeping pad, and the robot gets to work.

200 Series

The iRobot Braava robot mop tackles dirt and stains* in small spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms. Designed to wet mop, damp mop, or dry sweep hard floors.

300 Series

The iRobot Braava 380t robot mop is designed for large spaces.

All iRobots (vacuums and mops) can be purchased online at  /


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