Jimmy’s bringing the best non-alcoholic beers out there


Jimmy Brings, an alcohol delivery service that promises the delivery of beer, wine and spirits within just 30 minutes, is now stocking a range of non-alcoholic beers to cater to a wider audience. But they didn’t just grab any old non-alcoholic brews, they nabbed the best on the market.

As non-alcoholic drinks become more normalised at bars, pubs and parties, it’s great to see stockists and now drink delivery services offering a more mindful drop.

And on top of that, as more non-alc brews come onto the market, we’re seeing some experimental beers and tastier drops find their way into our fridges. Here are some of the ranges that Jimmy Brings now sells:

Heaps Normal Quiet XPA

In my mind, the Quiet XPA from Heaps Normal is the cream of the crop when it comes to near beers. The Quiet XPA is tangy, tasty, aptly named and appropriately priced.

The Heaps Normal signature beer has been crafted to have full flavour without any downsides. It tastes like a delicious, refreshing beer with a tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering and unmistakably beery finish. Unfiltered, with balanced bitterness and subtle malt sweetness, reminiscent of your old pals.

If you’re doing Dry July or at least dipping your toes in Try July, wrap your lips around the Quiet XPA from Heaps Normal.

Better Beer Zero Alc

Better Beer Zero Alc is perfect for when you’re craving a cold one and are taking one for the team as the designated driver, or you’re simply being sensible.

As a branch off from the beers created by The Inspired Unemployed, the zero-alcohol version of Better Beer remains crisp, and refreshing, and is the perfect beer for when you’re not drinking beers.

Also, the guys at Better Beer explained how they make their beers zero alc: “Not to get all technical, but we utilise the ‘vacuum evaporation’ method, which keeps the beer tasting like, well, beer. You’re welcome.”

Freixenet Alcohol-Free Sparkling Rose

If beers aren’t quite your go-to but you’re doing Dry July or Try July, Jimmy Brings is also delivering the alcohol-free sparkling rose from Freixenet.

The Freixenet drop has been created as part of a mission to help people celebrate all life occasions, big and small. It’s a perfect alternative and can be enjoyed as a midweek drink or even at your dinner party – whatever the occasion we have you covered without any compromise. With wild berries on the nose and floral notes, expect a full-bodied palate that is both fruity and fresh.

Jimmy Brings is stocking more than just these three so check out their website or app to see what’s delivering in your local area.


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