Lake Macquarie is built for boys weekends


Medical professionals have three recommendations for healthy, happy men: regular exercise, yearly health checks and boys weekends. Lake Macquarie has all the elements at its disposal to offer the best boys weekend there is.

Want to face the great outdoors? Head right to JetBuzz at Cams Wharf and lock you and your mates in for a jet boat thrill ride. Reaching up to 80km/h, the boat isn’t designed for loose-fitting hats as it slides at high speeds and pulls off a few 360° spins.

The Matt Hall Racing at Macquarie Airport, created by Red Bull Air Race champion Matt Hall himself, lets you sit in on a two-seat race aircraft thrill flight. Experience the simulation of the Air Race as you feel the gravitational forces when you twist, loop, barrel roll, fly upside down, tumble and turn.

If the ground is more your thing, the Boat Shed Bar and Gallery at Belmont 16s is an ideal spot to grab a bite to eat. The bar offers American-style burgers, 1kg smokey or spicy wings and your choice of 16 craft beers on tap.

Or you can even stop off there as part of a bar crawl and hit the Catho Pub, an old gem in Macquarie that’s located in the heritage-listed mining town of Catherine Hill Bay. From there you can visit the Gunyah Hotel in Belmont which offers a 300g Angus rump steak and finish your crawl at the Point at Speers Point with some of the best lake views and live music.


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