Legendary Name, Legendary Sound


Bob Marley’s legacy is the stuff of legends. Now, his children have honoured that legacy and carried his name onward and upward into the digital age, a homage to their late father. They, along with the House of Marley team, are proud to present the “Legend” In-Ear Headphones; the soulful centrepiece of Marley’s portable music collection.

First things first! They look as good as they sound. Legend’s slim, machined aluminium chassis and multiple ear tips provide maximum comfort over extended listening sessions. The 52” cable is wrapped in a regal braided fabric, which simultaneously reduces noise and prevents tangles.

To top it all off, the Legend’s earpiece is accented with FSC certified sapele wood, a classic statement on an otherwise on modern piece of tech.

Within its price range,  you can’t do better than the Legend. The bass is like deep thunder, rolling through the recyclable aluminium earpiece. This is saddled right alongside a treble spectrum for the ages. Bob would be proud.

The House of Marley are firm believers in taking care of our planet, all packaging used for these in-ear headphones are recyclable. The Legend in-ear headphones are available now online and in a range of retail outlets.

The Legend in-ear headphones are available now online as well as at a range of retail outlets. To shop, or find out more about the House Of Marley range please visit www.thehouseofmarley.com.au


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