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Here at ManSpace we’re not only interested in the spaces, hobbies and collections that men possess, but their health too – both mentally and physically. For this reason, we’re proud advocates of Men’s Health Week.

Men’s Health Week is about Australian individuals, families and communities reflecting on the state of male health and wellbeing in their own regions. Being such a broad concept, the idea of being healthy depends on a whole host of factors.

The 2015 theme ‘MOMENTS IN TIME’ recognises that every individual, family and community can find health-giving opportunities despite the many and varied challenges, barriers and obstacles to better health that life puts in the way. And for one week in June, Australia’s attention will be on the health and wellness of our men and boys. During Men’s Health Week, let’s make it a moment that makes a positive difference!

Sometimes the best way to find healthy opportunities is to help others find them. Over the last few years, more than 500 communities across Australia have run events, promotions, displays and activities to create those opportunities for thinking about male health and for reaching out to men and boys in local communities.

Events are a great way to promote health and connect with men, boys and their families in ways that makes it fun, engaging and positive for everyone. Running an event can be as simple as a morning tea or a barbeque, a display or an expo. They often start conversations about health and wellbeing whose impact lasts far beyond the moment of the event. Running events creates opportunities for connecting with others, sharing stories, establishing connections to healthcare services and so many other benefits.

Men’s Health Week is your moment in time to reach out to men, boys and families in your community – what needs doing to make a positive difference for your local community?

Men’s Health Week gives local communities, local families and local people an opportunity to run events that interest boys and blokes. It means thinking about what issues impact on the health of boys and bloke in your community – and doing something that you think would help.

And for over a decade, this idea has shown itself to be a great way to start having those conversations about what it means to be healthy in the different areas of our lives.

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