Never miss a beat with the Sennheiser Momentum headphones


Sennheiser has released its third generation of Momentum over-ear headphones with the new Momentum Wireless range.

The new range has automatic on/off functionality and smart pause features meaning you never miss a beat. As soon as you put your headphones on, they pick up right where you left off and continue playing.  As well as stopping when you fold them back up.

With inbuilt and discrete buttons on the side of the headphones, the Momentum headphones can access the voice assistant of your device or change the song, adjust the volume and more with its one-touch access.

Accessible on the Sennheiser smart control app is the transparent hearing function which offers the ability to hear your surroundings while listening. Alternatively, you can cancel out all external sounds with three different noise cancellation modes.

Also available in the smart control app is a built-in equaliser which lets you tailor your listening experience to your preference and what you’re listening to at the time.

Designed to be worn as long as you want with maximum comfort, the Momentum over-ear headphones have genuine sheep leather and soft padding on the ear pads and headband.

An integrated Bluetooth tracker also allows the headphones to be found using the Tile app.


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