Reinventing swag


From the most practical designers in the camping world, BlackWolf have reinvented the swag. Weighing in well under five kilos with added tent poles to elevate the roof of the swag, you will never feel like you’re sleeping in the belly of an anaconda again.

BlackWolf have been designing modern, consumer driven camping equipment since the 90’s, always trying and testing it themselves to make sure it’s the most applicable on the market. The swag, being such a staple of Australian camping, has been a main focus, and the new Ryebuck Lite is the perfect culmination of their innovation and the campers needs.

Designed due to the fact that a normal swag takes up expansive space not only in your car but also in your garage, the new Ryebuck Lite allows you to fit in the most important camping necessities like beer. By removing the normal foam mattress included with traditional swags, it allows you to select the best self inflating mattress for the activity you’re going to undertake whilst reducing the overall pack size by almost 70%.

The two poles and swag itself roll into a packed size of 60cm by 20cm by 20cm, small enough to easily fit in your hiking pack or on the back a motorcycle. When pitched the swag is the same size and height as it’s canvas brother, but made from a strong polyester blend it eliminates size and weight. And knowing that it has been designed by campers for campers, customers can be assured at the quality and durability.

At 4.2 kgs, less than half the weight of the average canvas swag the new Ryebuck Lite is a premier camping buddy that you can take with you anywhere.



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