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Life’s all about creating awesome moments, and with the new Shotbox action camera, thrilling experiences can be captured and relived time after time.  Packing maximum features and performance into the two compact cameras, the ShotBox S71 and S60 are designed to document the fun wherever you go, whatever you do.

From flying sky high or riding a wave to discovering new places with friends and experiencing once-in-a-lifetime events, the ShotBox is an easy-to-use action cam with the ability to mount it wherever is desired.

Nothing is impossible with the range of options available on the ShotBox. The G-Sensor puts the camera into auto video recording mode when in motion, foolproof for the times when you’re in the middle of an adrenalin rush, whilst its waterproof case provides protection up to 100m for limitless wet and wild adventures.

With the premium ShotBox S71 rivalling the specs of other leading action cams and offering recording features of 4K resolution, rates of up to 120 frames per second and a 16 mega pixel stills camera, not a detail is missed when creating memories, making each moment unforgettable every time.

Duane Cubbage, Product Manager says, “We’re excited to launch ShotBox, the latest action camera offering, with the highest level of specs and features for even the most demanding user including the G-Sensor, removable touch-screen and up to 3 hour recording time.

“We’ve teamed up with AEE, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of quality recording equipment to ensure this camera is the ultimate gadget for long days of action-packed activities.

“The great thing about ShotBox is that it’s not only for those who love action sports, it’s for everyone who is an avid content creator or those who want to remember every special moment.”

And to make capturing the times you’re doing the things you love even easier, the built-in Wi-Fi enables the ShotBox to be connected to the AEE App to control, record and review the action using your smart device.

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