The eco-conscious future of car rental launches in Australia


With ridesharing and hiring of vehicles becoming more popular due to the rising costs of car ownership, there’s been a greater need for companies to offer solutions to customers in need.

Evee connects community-conscious car owners with eco-conscious drivers.

Dealing solely in EVs, including but not exclusive to, the industry leading Tesla range. Evee is a sustainable and exciting way to reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously enjoying the thrill of the latest in automotive technology.

Nowhere else can you rent a Tesla tomorrow and set off on a 5000km across the country as one couple have recently done! Not only does Evee offer the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint, they are offering an experience found nowhere else.

Originally launching in 2016 Evee’s growth was restrained by the hurdle of prohibitively high insurance premiums. Having now solved the puzzle of how to insure high value cars at an acceptable price, Evee is ready to expand big, reshaping the face of the Australian car rental market.

“We have worked hard to achieve a solution that works for everyone. EV owners can recoup the considerable cost of these high value vehicles when not in use. While for users it is both a transport solution for the eco-conscious, and a chance to experience the future of automotive transport now,” says Evee founder Slava Kozlovskii.

Evee is currently operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra. Pickup is either from the owner’s home, or airport pickups can be organised for an added fee, making the transfer process as smooth as possible.

The range of options is soon to increase with the imminent arrival of the first Tesla 3’s coming in August/September. There is no better time to join the electric revolution and connect yourself with a passionate electric vehicle community.

For more information on listing your electric vehicle or to hire one, visit Evee now,


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