The Singleton Scotch Whisky – it’s as easy as Plus Two!


Scotland’s Dufftown Distillery has launched the Singleton 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky into Australia and it’s proving to be the ultimate way to up-the-ante on your at-home cocktails this spring

The Singleton is all about throwing away any prior connotations you have with whisky (leather armchairs, cigars) and instead it’s all about seeing it as the perfect mixer – whether it’s an after-work sundowner or in simple (but delicious!) cocktail when kicking back with mates.

Launching with its signature serve – the Plus Two – the easy-to remember recipe asks you to simply mix 50mls of The Singleton with 50ml sparkling mixer and 50ml still mixer (50-50-50). So it’s super easy to get creative and experiment with what you have in your fridge and create your own signature drink.

With its luscious nectar tones of honey, fresh fruit and hints of toffee – this vibrant whisky has been designed to be unapologetically enjoyed.

Best served using its signature Plus Two measure, an easy-to remember recipe with a 50-50-50 ratio of The Singleton, to sparkling mixer, to still mixer, The Singleton 12 Year Old is perfectly suited to after-work sundowner or in an easy-mix cocktail when kicking back with mates.

The Singleton national ambassador Katie Nagar says, “When it comes to The Singleton, throw away any preconceptions you have about whiskies – this is whisky with a fresh attitude.

“We talk about The Singleton as a ‘CAN’ whisky, meaning you CAN have it any way you like. There is no rulebook, but the Plus Two serve creates a fun and refreshing way to experiment with whisky at home.”

Diageo Global New Age Scotch Whisky ambassador Ervin Trykowski continues, “The Plus Two is all about simplicity – taking any fuss out of fixing yourself a delicious cocktail at home.

“It’s so easy to open up a creative world of flavour, by adding cold brew and cola, or trying our signature fruity ‘Orchard’ serve. It doesn’t matter what you have in the fridge, you can try it with anything – just stick to the easy to remember formula – 50, 50, 50.”

Signature serving suggestion: ‘The Orchard’ (1.6 standard drinks)

50 mL The Singleton

50 mL apple pear juice

50 mL Appletiser sparkling apple

Garnish: Mint Sprig

The Singleton 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL is available to purchase from all leading liquor retailers; RRP $74.99


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