Who picks sorbet at the beach?


This drink was made with the idea being, you eat an ice cream at the beach, you drinks beers at the beach… porche no las dos?

Reading up on this drink, you find out some super interesting methods of brewing. The guys at Blackman’s added seawater in the boil (!) on top of plenty of lemons and it somehow calmed the sour taste down when compared to some on the shelves.

I love a good sour and have been wrapping my lips around them at every possible opportunity and I’m not disappointed by this one.

A lot of craft beers are citrusy, a lot of sours are (of course) acidic, so I think this is a match made in heaven. Other lemon-based sours I’ve had are a bit much but this one is slightly tamer while keeping its acidity.

Maybe that’s the sorbet part keeping it grounded? I don’t know but I’m a big fan and will be coming back to try some more before it’s all out at Blackman’s brewery.


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